Register as a resident

  • You live abroad and will reside in The Netherlands (again) or
  • You live in the municipality of Barneveld and are not registrated yet
  • You can only registrate as a resident when: 
    • you have Dutch nationality or 
    • you have nationality of a European Union country or
    • you have Norwegian, Liechtenstein or Icelandic nationality or  
    • you have a valid residence permit or 
    • you are legally allowed to await the decision for your application for a residence permit
  • Make an appointment by calling (+31) (0)342 – 495 902.
  • Make your appointment within 5 days after your move to The Netherlands

When 1 or more family members will reside with you, take them to the appointment. For each person to be registrated you bring:

Valid and legal documents

For identification

  • Dutch passport or identity card or
  • passport or identity card from a country of the European Union or
  • passport or identity card from Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland
  • valid permit of residency

When born outside the Netherlands

  • birth certificate 

If applicable

  • marriage certificate/ civil partnership certificate
  • certificate of divorce
  • adoption documents
  • death certificate of spouse/partner or child(ren)

Coming from Aruba, Curaçao, Sint-Maarten, Bonaire, Saba of Sint Eustatius<

  • proof of deregistration
  • proof of valid residency by the Immigration and naturalisation service
  • proof or document with your burgerservicenummer

Regardless the number of persons to be registrated:

Proof of residency

Owner occupied housing

  • pages with your name, address and signature of your signed purchase agreement or
  • preliminary purchase agreement with intention agreement that you may reside the housing prior to the transfer of property or
  • deed of transfer or
  • mortgage deed

Rental agreement by a housing corporation, room rental organisation, real estate agency etcetera

  • signed rental agreement or
  • housing permit

Rental agreement by a privat party

  • signed rental agreement or 
  • housing permit
  • copy of a valid identity card of the owner or main tenant

Sublease, indwelling and/or cohabitation 

  • signed agreement of the owner or main tenant
  • copy of a valid identity card of the owner or main tenant
  • rental agreement or title of real estate