Welcome to Barneveld

The municipality of Barneveld welcomes you. Our municipality lies at the heart of The Netherlands and has urban facilities and a village character. The conurbation of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht is nearby. As is the largest nature reserve in The Netherlands: the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Barneveld is also located in the centre of the Foodvalley, which gives entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector a great advantage. 

Facts & figures

  • The municipality of Barneveld is internationally renowned for its poultry production and trade.
  • The national price of eggs is determined at the Barneveld egg market.
  • The motorway A1 is located tot the north of Barneveld and the A30 to the west. Barneveld has 3 railway stations on the line Amersfoort - Ede-Wageningen.
  • The municipality of Barneveld has a population of over 57,000, a figure which is expected to reach 70,000 in 2035.
  • Over 31,000 people are employed bij 5,400 companies. Over 600 of these companies are farmers, 140 are transport companies, 170 are catering and tourism companies, and 140 work in ICT and communications.
  • Barneveld is located in the heart of Foodvalley, Europe's main agrifood centre. This region enjoys international renown for its first-class knowhow and innovations in the field of healthy, sustainable food.
  • The largest industrial site, Harselaar, covers 200 hectares.